This book contains keys that unlock destinies. The plan of God for your life is thought of peace, hope and of a good future. It is for you to live a successful life every day of your life- Jeremiah 29:11. How do I know that? The word of God says the path of the righteous shines and shines even unto everlasting. These daily devotion are capsules to be taken each day of the month for life and you are bound to be a success as you apply the principles contained in it. You must obey the principles shared in this book to enjoy the full benefits thereof. Just read one topic of a date in a day in a month and you are through. Reading these topics on and on for life will form a good habit in your life for success. A major way to succeed is for you to program your daily life and regularly doing positive things that will evolve later as success. Doing things like Working, Savings, Studying, Investing, Tithing, Early morning prayers and affirmations, Pay your bill promptly, weekly fasting and thorough preparation before you do anything will emanate to success.

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