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Christianity Appreciates Love and Care, No Segregation!

(Passage: Acts)

Christian faith replicates the love of God for humanity. People who practice the faith should connect with others in mutual love. Believers must love each other and steer clear of anything that can be perceived as segregation.

While on earth, Jesus Christ did everything to promote the unity of his disciples. He even prayed for them to love and appreciate one another. This means anyone who looks the other way on this topic (of Love without segregation) is a hypocrite.

A child of God who segregates others does not resemble Jesus; he resembles Satan. So yeah, Satan instigates segregation and promotes hatred.

Jesus charged the believers, “Love others as you love yourself.”

Do not lightly esteem others but place them in high importance as you would expect others to do to you.

So, if love and appreciation of others are the teachings of Jesus, where did some believers learn how to segregate? The truth should not be far-fetched, they learned that from Satan! Satan instigates segregation and hatred, whosoever exemplifies such trait emulates Satan!

True Christianity promotes unity, but not only must that be practiced among believers, but the same arms of love should also be extended to unbelievers. Believers are sent to show love to the unbelievers so that they also can be saved.

Are you a Christian? If yes, know what God requires of you: Love, justice, and an active exercise of celebrating other people. 

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Love, unity, and accommodation of others are the bedrock of Christianity.

Believers have the task to actively love and engage others.

The call to love others can sometimes be challenging; even some early Christians struggled with it, but they got through.

Humility Helps Us Respond To Correction.

You may think that early Christians were perfect, but they were not. Some of them struggled to love those who didn’t share their common background. Perhaps the difference between them (early Christian) and us is that they were more teachable. They responded to correction well.

The Challenge Of Segregation Among Early Christians

As it occurred during the early stage of Christianity, some believers thought they were better than those who didn’t hail from Jewish tradition.

Yeah, that’s how it happens: Folks who segregate are often trapped in the ideology that people who don’t share their church doctrine and preferred tradition are lesser Christians. Fallacy!

(No Christian is better than others. All Christians share equal right with God)

Believers with wrong orientation misconceive Faith as if it can only satisfy God with human tradition. What a mistake, there is no partition in Christianity.

If you’re a Christian and you segregate others, you are making your own rule against God’s will!

Some early Christians who converted from Judaism held to Jewish tradition and expected everyone to come on board. They presumed that a person should hail from Judaism to become a “good Christian.” Foul! God does not segregate.

The conflict of tradition was so pronounced among the early Christians to the extent that unbelievers found it hard to come to the faith. But God so good, Peter broke the shell when he shared the testimony of his encounter with the non-Jewish Christians (which the hypocrites have qualified as gentiles).

This is the Bible’s account of the incident,

“The apostles and brethren who were in Judea


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